Let us not forget some very important news; my good friends in the safari business, that special type of work that seems to go on unrelentingly, regardless of power or no power (bless!), have been working overtime lately. Not only have they taken care of the weekends-in-the-wild for our guest Rolf (Dutch weblog here), they also found time to re-launch their website.

Check-out the renewed site of Bush 2 Beach Safaris, filled to the rim with all the good Tanzania has to offer. Being a company that can put together unique, adventurous and off-the-beaten-track packages which offer so much more than the ‘Northern Circuit’ offered by most other operators, they now have a site that enables you to get into the mood before you even leave your home. Close those curtains, put that central heating up to about 35 degrees and feel like you’re here already!