Just back from Kisii where we’re all geared up to start our second service centre. Peter, David and Kennedy are doing a great job setting up their new office. Once again helped by kindred spirits, the brothers from Cardinal Ortunga High School helping us out with secure office and living space on their compound, the first 8 schools have, or are now, being assisted with a computer class-room. Read the rest of this entry »


Goodbye web-space

May 16, 2007


PHP webhostingMy account at PHPwebhosting closed today, marking the end of an era. Out of all the hosting companies I’ve tried over the years, they stick out as the best, most reliable and most flexible one out there. You pay them a fixed amount of $9.95 per month, for which you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pop3 email boxes,MySQL, multiple domains, you name it. Unlimited being ‘fair sharing of resource’ in reality but not once I’ve asked them for more disk space or for some feature to be switched on to negative response. Good technical support, excellent up-time, very flexible in the solution of any problem, even if it’s about the monthly bill.

Nick, Carl, colleages, thanks for your support over the years and may business flourish!