3 Responses to “about”

  1. Petra said

    Hi broertje,

    Alles goed? Hier wel hoor. Morgen ben ik 15 weken zwanger, dan nog 1 weekje en zitten we op de 4 maanden, cool he? Begin al aardig een buikje te krijgen haha.

    En met jullie daar ook alles goed? Stuur je nog een x een paar leuke fotos als je tijd hebt?

    Nou dit was ff snel tussendoor want ik moet weer aan de slag, de plicht roept hihi.



  2. Mike Ramsahai said

    Hi Niels,

    I’m Mike, from Toronto, Canada, and I’m planning a trip to Northern Tanzania in July. I’ve already couchsurf messaged you, but I only noticed just now that you have this website, so I thought I might try it (since doesnt seem to be working), and in case you don’t check your cs.
    I’m going to be volunteering in Arusha for 3 weeks, but before then, I have a few days to kill and would like to be able to visit Moshi, and especially Kilimanjaro. If you have a couch available, or some place in doors (I’d rather not spend the night outside in the garden!) that would be great. You can contact me here, at Looking forward to hearing from you.

    – Mike.

  3. Dalia said

    I wish to share the following link with you and all your Site visitors to Free Online Swahili-English & English-Swahili dictionaries:

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