Fresh start

May 13, 2007

The old place was getting a big dusty, as things tend to do here if they are not hosed down once every so often. So the old me would have carefully selected the best framework for a website installed every single web logging tool available, played around with it, copied and pasted created an original new layout, in short, the old me would have been nerding away happily for weeks on end. New Me (Patent Pending) has no time for that kind of nonsense. New Me is trying to read his email without having someone switching off the power to my pc. Distracting me whilst his brother presses the [esc] key.

I did the previously un-thinkable. I questioned the reasons for spending money on a full fledged web-hosting company, instead of on Pampers, for no reason other than hosting a lifelog on it.

Reasons I came up with:

  • It’s cool having my own web space. WRONG. That might have been the case back in the dark 20th century, right now the whole world and their cats have web-logs, profile pages, life logs, photo logs, cat logs, …
  • I need the space. WRONG. All the stuff I need is available for free nowadays. email? gmail. online storage? pick one. A photo album? Flickr does it better, for free.
  • I need to develop websites with MySQL and upload SOAP oriented Web 2.0 beta files to debug them with PHP scripts. WRONG again. That’s for people with time to spare. And not much of a social life, it might be added.

Which left me with the lifelog and the email addresses which attract spam like fresh warm droppings of our local elephants attract flies. The email I can do without; why pay $9 per month for a vanity email address? The lifelog? Why not use the free service at WordPress?

So there you are. From now on, no more emails. No more mailing lists. Check-out for now or like in the before-days, if I can get the redirection sorted. And find out where the rest of all my on-line stuff is now hosted for free by clicking ‘about‘.



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