range some thumb a care !

February 15, 2007

Have you noticed? This new class of spam messages, and for today the counter stands at 7, that does not actually make any sense? Or am I turning dyslexic?

range some thumb a care ! ornament the girl be line some wise some curve see noise and direction not basin in angry some stitch or structure or tin the verse
but purpose or agreement or verse but canvas may smoke or key may shelf not time
and complete not red may

They write.

disgust be window try run a law it’s red in operation ! girl , dirty ! machine the plow ! doubt in pen it worm a seed ! water ! equal try development or mine a son on key ! butter but butter and gray or quiet a condition a dog !

And then, suddenly,

clear be amount a cruel it quick on pipe some point , certain be linen a sister , short , hand may reason ! cause be scissors ! clock be harbour may mother ,
man it’s scissors see secret but flower the dust or knee not butter some
government not destruction not

Now this much is clear… They use way too many spaces. No capitals. Girls are dirty (paragraph 1) and machines the plow.
But what are they trying to convey here? What is, one could ask, the meaning of all this? Or the question? No, can’t be a question. There’s too many !’s for that. Maybe if I read backwards.

not destruction not government some butter not knee or dust

Maybe it’s just me. Anyone can make anything out of this? Drop it in the comments please…


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