Interesting piece by Matt Taibbi, where he looks at the new budget proposed by our Good Friend Double U and the complete lack of attention it’s getting in the media.

That’s not only bad government, it’s bad capitalism. It makes legalized bribery and political connections more important factors than performance and competition in the corporate marketplace. Beyond that, it’s just plain fucking offensive to ordinary people. It’s one thing to complain about paying taxes when those taxes are buying a bag of groceries once a month for some struggling single mom in eastern Kentucky. But when your taxes are buying a yacht for some asshole who hires African eight year-olds to pick cocoa beans for two cents an hour … I sure don’t remember reading an excuse for that anywhere in the Federalist Papers.

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February 15, 2007

Have you noticed? This new class of spam messages, and for today the counter stands at 7, that does not actually make any sense? Or am I turning dyslexic?

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and complete not red may

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With their worldwide powers diminishing, the neocons are going for it again? Can somebody please impeach this asshole before the whole world mushrooms?

Don’t trust anything you read on the news, we’ve been had before. Or, as this article reads…

Six Lies You Shouldn’t Believe About Iran, Especially Since, Hey, There’s People Down Here. Read the rest of this entry »