Life, the universe and everything

January 26, 2007

Bit of a lifelog slash linkdump entry this one; long overdue as usual but hey, real quality has no time frame.

First off, what’s keeping me too busy to write emails or update this blog more than once a century? Work. That’s what. Even here in Africa things can heat up and lots has happened / is still happening. We are now no longer a pilot into the setting up of a service center, we are Viafrica Tanzania Limited. There’s pictures of the president and Mwalimu on the wall, there’s financial administration and health insurance, almost feels like a proper job from time to time. From now on, I will be addressed as ‘director’. Just kidding. A very big thank you from us here in Moshi, to all the people that helped us get here!

There’s been an influx of couch surfers, which is quite a cool idea of people sharing their couch (or bed / tent in my case) with other travellers. Very nice way to introduce easy going travellers to the real Tanzania, to meet new people and if I ever make it out of here, an affordable way for me to travel Europe. Have a look at their website or better yet, join and become a couch surfer yourself!

Up-to-date again, let’s continue with a selection of collected links…

The Small World Project, run from the Columbia University, is an on-line experiment to test the theory that anyone in the world can be connected to anyone else through no more than ‘six degrees of separation‘. I’ve yet to make my first connection but a cool idea none the less.

Frans Lanting made this wonderful ‘LIFE: Journey through Time‘, putting things in perspective. Or this one, an evolutionary time line to scale. The page represents 3.5 billion years; people came out of the trees what looks like yesterday. If you still feel important, master of all things living, center of the universe, look at earth from a distance in ‘A pale blue dot‘. We are where??

And completely unrelated but found this funny picture on Reddit… who needs kindergarten?


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