Superniels Live

August 18, 2006

Good things come to those who wait, some wise man must have said sometime somewhere. So true for us here in Africa. I waited for GPRS, and it came. First by CelTel, now also by Tigo, providing us with cheap internet from places as remote as the secluded beaches south of Pangani (where I just spent a few days relaxing). Now, Celtel has introduced MMS, enabling me to send live pictures of the hyenas closing in on me to my insurance agent. Wow. Seriously though, what it made possible is to take a picture with my phone and upload it straight onto my Flickr page.

You can see the Flickr-badge on the right hand column of superniels’s front page and click through to see things as and when they happen. Cool? I think so. Ah, the flickr page itself can be found at, ofcourse…

On another note, the previous post mentioned Portable Apps, or how to load everything you need as a traveling geek (or security conscious traveler, depending on who you introduce yourself to) on a single USB stick. How to surf anonymously and leave without a trace. Just found out there’s an entire, ready made collection of everything you’ll ever need (and quite a bit more it seems) to be found here. Download, take out what you do not need (or doesn’t fit on your stick if it’s smaller than a gigabyte) and copy…


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