Superniels Live

August 18, 2006

Good things come to those who wait, some wise man must have said sometime somewhere. So true for us here in Africa. I waited for GPRS, and it came. First by CelTel, now also by Tigo, providing us with cheap internet from places as remote as the secluded beaches south of Pangani (where I just spent a few days relaxing). Now, Celtel has introduced MMS, enabling me to send live pictures of the hyenas closing in on me to my insurance agent. Wow. Seriously though, what it made possible is to take a picture with my phone and upload it straight onto my Flickr page.

You can see the Flickr-badge on the right hand column of superniels’s front page and click through to see things as and when they happen. Cool? I think so. Ah, the flickr page itself can be found at, ofcourse…

On another note, the previous post mentioned Portable Apps, or how to load everything you need as a traveling geek (or security conscious traveler, depending on who you introduce yourself to) on a single USB stick. How to surf anonymously and leave without a trace. Just found out there’s an entire, ready made collection of everything you’ll ever need (and quite a bit more it seems) to be found here. Download, take out what you do not need (or doesn’t fit on your stick if it’s smaller than a gigabyte) and copy…


More than once people have commented on my somewhat paranoid nature when it comes to using the internet. But in a world where the Polarising Powers that Be are happily brainwashing it’s occupants into a situation where people are so scared they thoughtlessly hand over even the last remaining bits of privacy, paranoia might be the way to go

A woman being called by the New York Times to verify if she was indeed that user they found in AOL’s stupidly released search query database (anonymous? haha) searching for the best way to get rid of your snoring husband? Or flying to the US and being interviewed for hours just for something you wrote on-line a few months ago? It’s happening every day.

You are being watched.

Regardless of the government you live under, your actions on the internet are being tracked. Your every search recorded and kept in a database for future use/abuse. US citizens have had their web traffic monitored by the NSA and AT&T, and their every search history subpoenaed by a Federal Judge. As we move towards a more wired and connected society, the potentials for abuse grow exponentially. Imagine a future where your past searches label you as a threat to your government. Or where your browsing history is known by everyone. It’s possible now.

There is a way around this. It’s easy, free and thanks to the people from ‘Traveling Forever’, well documented. I wrote about The Onion Router before, and it’s portable cousin TorPark, as a way to surf the net completely anonymous. And might have mentioned TrueCrypt, an Open Source initiative that will keep your personal data safe no matter who walks off with your laptop or USB stick. Mix it up with something called PortableApps, , put it on a memory stick, and no matter where you are in the world, you can access the web being absolutely sure you leave not a single trace. Read the article here…

PS. Not going all political all of the sudden, a LifeLog is not the right place for that at all, but doesn’t anyone notice the double standards we’re spoon fed all day? Good vs. Evil (no longer Axis of Evil but no less Evil), flouted UN-resolutions, Pre-emptive wars, Terrorists,… all depends on which side of the line you are, apparently. Didn’t someone wise have something to say about that long long ago?