Last week I was in town buying some office stuff and after many visits to even more shops, found a new desk to use in our office. On of them nice do-it-yourselves, with a manual translated from Chinese into English by a Taiwanese fourth grader. Put screw A into hole C, somewhere, on the back of shell H. Anyway, had to put it on the roof of Sue, being only a short chassis Land Rover and found my trusty shoulder bag in the way. Never leave that out of sight, thinking ‘you should have known better’ every time I hear a tourist tell of stolen phones or wallets. But then, all I had to do was put one box on the roof, so I put the bag in the car, on the drivers seat, lifted the box up and looked back at my bag exactly 5 seconds later. Except it wasn’t there. Keys, schedule, papers and ofcourse my wallet, with my passport (which I normally NEVER take with me but just needed that day), driving license, ATM cards, lots of money which had just come out of the ATM, you name it, it was gone. Stupid Niels.

Spent a nice morning at the local police office, a nice afternoon calling the world canceling my plastic and surfing the embassy site figuring out how to replace Dutch papers from abroad. A friend told me I should check the post office cause the stuff the thief doesn’t need sometimes ends up there and I thought… Yeah, right!

So what do you know? Few days later I get a message in my postbox telling me to pick up my passport?! And, once there, I find that just about everything with my name on it, passport, driving license, ATM cards, even the address some pretty girl gave me not too long ago, was put in a small envelope and dropped into the post office’s inbox?!

Sure, the money is gone, and so is my favorite bag. But then, stuff gets stolen everywhere in the world. Did you ever hear of thieves with a conscience? Must be a Tanzanian Honour Thing or something. Amazing how life keeps on surprising me…

Ah, and it’s been a while since my last update so more stuff happened, ofcourse. Work is busy, we’ll be running a week long training for our new schools. Football has finished which well pleases my liver. Been on safari when a Dutch friend dropped by about a month ago and got my first close up sighting of rhino’s. Had a brilliant weekend at Tona Lodge, in the Pare mountains, with my old friend The Captain, So much to write and I’ll do it, one day.

For now, just know if you live here long enough the Tanzanian winter (15 degrees!) feels so cold we’re living inside as much as possible, and life is still good…