One laptop per child part 2

November 22, 2005

Reported some time ago on the wonderfull if somewhat naively named ‘one laptop per child’ initiative set up by Nicholas Negroponte at the MIT. Now maybe you can remember the hype around e-machines, a sub $300 PC that was going to change the world. They made it, alright, but turned out to be just another clone and a shitty one as well; most internet cafe’s are installing them over here so we’re back to flickering 15″ screens and PC’s with so little memory they can’t even open IE twice without a good-ol-5-minute-disk-swap.

But the latest news coming from the UN Net Summit in Tunis is hopeful to say the least. It’s there (well, almost), with a launch date in the not too far future and filled to the rim with new, cutting edge and cost saving technology. So maybe not another e-machines fiasco?

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